I work with social entrepreneurs and executives committed to building business for good. My job is to support and guide you to a place of powerful, passionate and inspired leadership. I help you share your unique genius with the world so you can create a rippling impact of positive change simply by being you! It really can be that easy. I promise. You just have to get out of your own way.



Instantly gain awareness of patterns that support and hinder your most impactful leadership.


Access the exact tools necessary to live into your full potential as a conscious leader.


Authentically lead in a way that allows you to achieve your business and life goals with ease, flow and alignment.


  • Impact with ease, in your business and personal life. Know when to take action and when to slow down.
  • More time and space for you and what you value. Imagine a stronger connection to yourself and what you need for your well-being.
  • A greater sense of peace and happiness. We’ll practice not sweating the small stuff.
  • Less stress and overwhelm. I’ll help you see the bigger picture mentality.
  • free

    20 minute consultation
  • Curious about working with me? I am curious about you too!
  • This introductory consultation is designed to see if we are a good fit for the deeper dive.
  • Come to the consultation with any questions you may have as well as your goals for your business and your life!
  • I am looking forward to getting better acquainted!
  • $495

    75 minutes
  • In this session you will discover what makes your leadership style unique, genius and like no other!
  • (And why we need you!!!)
  • Walk away with powerful tools for unstoppable, inspiring, authentical leadership.
  • Money back guarantee! If you feel you did not receive any value from our time together, you will receive a full refund.
  • $2500

    per month
  • This program is designed for conscious leaders committed to doing business for good.
  • You will hone, own and ignite your innate ability to lead in a way that propels those around you to greatness.
  • Never grind again. Instead learn the efficiency of taking action from inspiration.
  • Masterfully make solid decisions that are smart, savvy and in alignment with your core values.
  • Attract extraordinary people to your inner circle to uplift and impact the world together.

Monisha is an absolute rockstar that is raw, authentic, transparent and I would highly recommend connecting with her if you’re ready to take your leadership to a new level and unleash your inner wisdom.

CMO and Partner, Communinity Boost Consulting

In session with Monisha, what is guaranteed is a profound inner shift that cannot be denied. Once you see her, you will have no doubt of the strength of her connectedness and power.

Founder of

Every committed and courageous traveler needs her North Star. Monisha’s intuitive prowess, fierce grace and navigational tools guide me forward EVERY time. Sabotaging my greatness is no longer an option when there’s much work to be done.

Founder of Trauma to Dharma

ALLISON LONG PETTINE, Founding Partner, SEED San Diego

Monisha has developed the unique skill of being able to develop leadership and foster introspection while focusing on business results.  She brings her own experience and pairs it with her core values of collaboration, empowerment, and purpose, which enables entrepreneurs and business executives alike to succeed.  Part of what makes her method so effective is her ability to visualize others’ achievements and work alongside them to support them through the journey.  She has helped both me and my business grow and develop, and has been a neutral stabilizing force in my industry, which is highly risky and unpredictable.


ANDREW PAUL THOMAS Co-Founder of SkyBell

Monisha elevates my self-betterment practice in truly significant ways.  Monisha possesses the talent to isolate the root of any limitation or obstacle and clearly define actionable steps that lead to a resolution.  In addition to creating a safe space to share one’s feelings, Monisha uses profound grace and wisdom to positively challenge our stories and biases in order to isolate the path that leads us back to who we truly want to be.  Monisha’s work is about implementing the expansion, creation and expression you desire in your life – and to see results. I am grateful to have met Monisha and to work with her as a resource to help me become the fullest expression of myself.


JENNY SAUER-KLEIN Founder and Lead Facilitator of Play on Purpose

Monisha is a truly gifted guide and advisor. I have worked with Monisha consistently since 2010 and our sessions have literally changed my life. I couldn’t imagine not having her as a resource in my life, as her insight and reflections have been completely invaluable. I now have access to so much more freedom, happiness and clarity. As a transformational leader, I have often felt isolated and without support in tough moments. Monisha has helped me navigate situations I couldn’t see through. I trust her implicitly, and always feel uplifted and clarified after our sessions. Monisha’s nature is to see everyone in their highest light, and she inspires her clients into becoming their best selves. She creates a powerful safe space for radical transformation.